Engitek Engineering have started the business in 2009 to serve telecom industry with their unique and outstanding design of 2G base station antenna. Founder electronics engineer Dr. Mehmet Çiydem,  later generated 3G base station antenna for telecom companies for test and proved by Turkcell to be another outstanding product of its kind.

Later on, mechanical engineer and designer Onat Totuk have joined the team to bring various new lines of business including Healthcare Devices, Solar Heating and Cooling, Pharmacy Automation, Mechatronics and Microfluidics. Combining their knowledge and power from the previous business expertises with the SCAMPER methodolgy, Engitek team now works on high technology projects such as 8 Core Cellphones, Wearable Hoemodialysis, 4G and Micronetwork Antennas.

Engitek Engineering performs in depth research strategy for the subjects they are working on. Adhering academical research and applicational engineering is the working motto for the company.



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